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... CONTENTS 1 SUMMARY 5 CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Background, 5 Synthesis Approach, 6 7 CHAPTER TWO LITERATURE REVIEW: USE OF FIBER ADDITIVES IN ASPHALT MIXTURES Fiber Materials and Mixtures, 7 Mix Design with Fibers, 11 Production, Construction, and Acceptance of Fiber Mixtures, 12 Performance of Fiber Mixtures, 13 Costs and Benefits of Fiber Additives in Asphalt Mixtures, 22 24 CHAPTER THREE SURVEY RESULTS: CURRENT U.S.
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... SUMMARY FIBER ADDITIVES IN ASPHALT MIXTURES This synthesis explores the state of knowledge and state of the practice regarding the use of fiber additives in asphalt mixtures. It outlines the many types of fibers that have been used, their properties and how they are tested, mix design tests for fiber mixes, the types of applications in which fibers have been used, and lab and field performance of fiber mixes, among other topics.
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... 2 or weigh hopper on a batch plant. There are other, less common methods as well.
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... 3 • Performance mechanisms and material characteristics with different types of fibers, perhaps through a comprehensive performance study; and • Potential impacts on recycled materials. Overall, the reported success of fiber-reinforced asphalt mixtures is quite promising.
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... 5 The use of fibers in specialty mixes (such as cold mix or curb mixes) and in spray-applied pavement preservation treatments is not considered; however, if an agency mentioned such applications in its comments, the comments have been included in the summary response tables.
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... 6 the topics they addressed (e.g., performance, testing, types of fibers)

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