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... 25 It is important to understand the structural approach of the appendices to effectively navigate the in-depth material provided. The following sections briefly describe the content of the four detailed-evaluation appendices in order to present the flow of the relevant information.
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... 26 Alternative IT Delivery Methods and Best Practices for Small Airports integration, data migration or conversion, customization, reporting, testing, training, documentation, and project management. – Operations/Maintenance costs are generally related to managing, operating, supporting, and maintaining the systems and associated hardware and infrastructure.
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... Guidance for In-Depth Evaluation 27 – Systems – Hardware/infrastructure Within each category, dependencies can be internal and/or external as well as in project and/or out of project. As the applicable IT delivery methods differ between the appendices, specific details for benefits and risks are discussed within the appendices themselves and therefore do not require a definition here.

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