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... 50 chapter four ALLIANCE CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION PROCEDURES INTRODUCTION This chapter will synthesize the data obtained from the literature, the survey, and the case studies regarding the alliance project. It will combine information collected through the literature search, the document content analysis, and the case example interviews with agency personnel and design and construction industry professionals.
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... 51 Payment Provisions and Incentive/Disincentive Provisions Related to Performance Payment is done through the 3-Limb system; however, agencies have sometimes used an extra bonus account. For instance, the Northern Gateway had set apart approximately 1% of TOC for additional KPI performance.
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... FIGURE 19 Project stages in SCIRT.
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... 53 tracts, failure to act in good faith is treated as a willful default. However, identifying what is not good faith can be difficult.
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... 54 comparative analysis of project delivery methods in use in the United States in the context of alliancing's operational features leads one to infer that CMGC is the U.S. delivery method that best embodies the operational features of alliance contracting.

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