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Appendix D: Overview of ASET IV & V Methodology
Pages 131-138

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From page 131...
... FIX D ~ ~ ^ ~ veiled 01 ASET REV ~e~odology Brief Dam As to Be C ee By ~~rics, ~.
From page 133...
... This perspective complements the expertise of the venous Shuttle engineering subgroups which concentrate on their particular subsystems or · · e e ~ e engmeermg c ~lsclplmes. The primary focus of ASET IV&V is on two Shuttle problem reporting and change instruments -- Space Shuttle Orbiter Avionics Software Discrepancy Reports (DRs)
From page 134...
... LEVELS OF IV&V ANALYSIS The ASET IV&V process entails three levels of analysis that correspond to the scope parameters described earlier in this chapter -- limited, focused, and comprehensive. These are cumulative in the order presented, that is, focused goes beyond limited, and comprehensive goes beyond focused.
From page 135...
... Such DRs may eventually require a Focused or Comprehensive analysis on a later 01 when a software change is implement. A key portion of this first stage of analysis is risk assessment, as it both aids the SASCB in its approval decision and serves as a basis for determining what further analysis is required.
From page 136...
... Focused analysis is generally deemed sufficient for changes that are adequately tested during software development Revels 6 and 7) , that have easily understood requirements, and that do not significantly impact Shuttle hardware of operational procedures.
From page 137...
... computer-based analysis tools 3. peer reviews The analysis guidelines are published in an Intermetrics internal document, the General Analysis Guide, which includes, among other things: a checklist of analysis tasks; guidelines for doing risk assessment; instructions for preparing SIRs; and lists and descriptions of analysis resources.

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