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... 13 CHAPTER 2 Research Approach Given the complexity in each transportation project's design, construction, evaluation, and decision making and the small sample possible to use for testing the selected products, the research team made efforts to ensure the reliability of the test results in two aspects: (1) setting up a dedicated steering committee to provide guidance and advice to the research team and (2)
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... 14 Excel Based Tool Test (Application Test) Technical Model or Procedure Test Experimental Design Test Site Selection Data Compilation Test Objectives Data & Analysis Meth Data Compilation Testbed Installation Data Quality Control Testing Assumptions Spatial Transferability Temporal Transferability Test-bed Design Compare Interface User-friendly Necessary Guidance Help Documents Default Setup Layout Installation Successful Validation Algorithm Theory Calculation Scalability Various Scales Analysis and Feedback Result Analysis Conclusions Feedback/Potential Refinements Figure 2.1.
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... 15 (d) Data collection and proposed analytical approach.
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... 16 or procedure is correctly implemented, an application may still fail its performance test if the efficiency is in the beyond-tolerable range. The scalability test for this research project refers to whether the software tool can be applied to a much smaller or much bigger project than the ones used to develop them.

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