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... 1 How to Use this Handbook Objectives of this Handbook Mobility is central to our lives. To work, shop, get medical care, worship, enjoy educational and recreational opportunities, or see friends and relatives, we need transportation.
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... 2Information Sources Information for this Handbook comes from previous and new research; the new research focused on case studies of current travel training programs. Twenty case studies of travel training programs across the United States were selected because available information suggested that they were likely to be able to provide important details on how to create, sustain, and evaluate travel training programs for older adults.
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... 3 of how to provide better mobility options throughout the community. This can help begin the process of establishing common understandings and measures to enhancing the effectiveness of travel training programs and to increase their benefits.
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... 4travel training for individuals with disabilities, including schoolaged students with disabilities near or at the end of high school. Some case study programs reported results for the overall program but not for the portion of the program targeted at older adults.

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