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... 62 Glossary of Technical Terms Note: Terms shown in boldface and italics are defined in this glossary. Key Transportation Concepts Access: The opportunity to reach a given destination within a certain timeframe or without significant physical, social, or economic barriers.
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... 63 Door-to-Door Service: A service that picks up passengers at the door of their place of origin and delivers them to the door of their destination. The driver pulls the vehicle off the road if possible and may escort or physically assist the passenger if needed.
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... 64 route in the same area. Vehicles tend to be smaller and accessible to persons with disabilities, and drivers usually offer a relatively high level of personal assistance.
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... 65 Federal Legislation and Programs ADA: See Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. ADA Complementary Paratransit Service: Demandresponsive service that is operated in addition to fixed route service to accommodate persons who cannot ride the fixed route service because their disability prevents it.
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... 66 federal surface transportation spending. It was signed into law by President George W

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