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... 125 A P P E N D I X B How To Size An Apron Parking Area The appendix explains how to size an apron parking area and the reasoning behind starting with a Group I tie-down position and what size it should be. Tie-Down Layout FAA Advisory Circular 150/5300-13A (AC-13A)
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... 126 Guidebook on General Aviation Facility Planning Source: Delta Airport Consultants, Inc. Figure B-1.
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... Tie-Down Parking Areas 127 As shown in Figures B-3 and B-4, the same parking area can accommodate either 10 small Group I aircraft in a nested configuration or four large Group I or small Group II aircraft in standard configuration. The area can also be marked to accommodate both sized aircraft to meet the needs of the airport.
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... 128 Guidebook on General Aviation Facility Planning If your apron needs to accommodate Group II aircraft, you now need to determine what length of aircraft you will need to accommodate. The 66 foot depth of the nested tie-down parking area can accommodate approximately 54% of the existing Group II aircraft in use.
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... Tie-Down Parking Areas 129 Source: Delta Airport Consultants, Inc. Figure B-5.

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