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... 130 A P P E N D I X C Determine the Number of Transient Aircraft Parking Positions If an approved master plan and ALP exists, the number of required parking positions should already be known. If not, the forecasts from the approved master plan can be used to determine the number of transient parking positions.
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... Determining the Number of Aircraft Parking Positions 131 should be provided for 25% of the based aircraft and 75% of the transient aircraft. That same state indicates that 75% of the based aircraft should be stored in hangars and hangars should be available for storage of 25% of the transient aircraft.
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... 132 Guidebook on General Aviation Facility Planning Step 1B: Determine the equivalent number of nested tie-down positions using Table C-1. SEP: 2 = 2 MEP/TP: 1 = 2.5 Jet: 1 = 3 Total: 7.5 (use 8)

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