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... 1 National Cooperative Freight Research Program (NCFRP) Project 41 is a 24-month, $500,000 research project to facilitate the incorporation of trucking industry considerations into all planning studies by developing performance measures, level-of-service models, and truck analysis methodologies that can be applied within the Highway Capacity Manual framework.
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... 2 incorporating truck Analysis into the Highway capacity Manual • Better evaluate the effects of trucks on other modes of transportation and vice versa. Techniques are needed for uninterrupted and interrupted flow facilities in both rural and urban conditions.
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... introduction 3 efforts needed to develop the framework and methodologies within the framework. This task catalogued the input data that was likely to be needed for the analysis methodologies included in the framework and described sources for that data.
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... 4 incorporating truck Analysis into the Highway capacity Manual Project Time Schedule The project began April 5, 2012 and was completed by April 4, 2014. The time schedule is presented in Exhibit 1.

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