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... 5 This section reviews how public agencies plan for truck freight movement and establishes a context for how public agencies might use a separate level-of-service measure for trucks. Current federal, state, and local practices are reviewed with examples drawn from several state agencies and MPOs.
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... 6 incorporating truck Analysis into the Highway capacity Manual 2.1.2 National Transportation Safety Board NTSB has an Office of Highway Safety, which includes the following: • Investigations Division -- investigates accidents involving issues with wide ranging safety significance and • Report Development Division -- researches national highway safety issues, develops accident reports, and issues safety recommendations. 2.2 State Agencies State agencies provide several functions related to freight movement, such as the following: • Include freight planning as part of statewide transportation planning, • Establish weigh stations, and • Set size and weight limits for trucks on the state highway system that is not part of the Interstate Highway System.
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... State of Public Agency Practice 7 Like the GMAP, the Freight Mobility Plan will address current conditions, future trends, and major issues in goods movement across all modes and regions of California. Going further than what the GMAP addressed, the Freight Mobility Plan will devote more attention to community impact issues, take a more in-depth look at trucking, and will identify more thoroughly the freight needs of portions of California that did not receive sufficient attention during development of the GMAP.
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... 8 incorporating truck Analysis into the Highway capacity Manual issues of the MPO (Cambridge Systematics, n.d.)
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... State of Public Agency Practice 9 2.4.2 Cities and Counties Cities and counties regulate freight primarily through their authority to designate loading zones, to restrict truck parking, to prohibit trucks from certain roads, and to designate specific truck routes. Physical characteristics of city roads can also limit truck movements such as height limits imposed by bridges and overpasses (Rhodes et al., 2012)
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... 10 incorporating truck Analysis into the Highway capacity Manual 2. There is a strong preference for truck level-of-service (LOS)

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