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... 4C H A P T E R 1 Trucks play an essential role in the freight transportation system. According to the 2007 CFS, trucks carried about 85 percent of total tonnage and of total value shipped in the United States.
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... 5 such data has dwindled in recent decades, and many sources have completeness and accuracy problems. Truck-activity data for decision making and performance measurement are critically lacking, and specific strategies for improving the sources of such data are needed now.
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... 6information on truck O/D flows -- the survey-based CFS and the FAF, which is based on synthetic or modeled information from the CFS. CFS captures freight flows, although incompletely, at the national level.
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... Truck-Activity Measure Segmentation Variable Level of Geography National State Metropolitan Facility VMT Vehicle Characteristicsa Vehicle characteristics data limited; VIUS discontinued. Missing Missing Missing Missing Vehicle Type FHWA VM1 Table using HPMS data; accessibility gaps (microdata)
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... 8industries, farms and government-owned entities, and foreign-based business importing to the United States. In reviewing the ways in which the trucking industry universe has been presented in prior NCFRP reports, the team identified several different universe definitions.

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