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From page 89...
... 1993 Alternative Census Methods. Written testimony of Norman Bradburn, chair of the Pane} to Evaluate Alternative Census Methods, Committee on National Statistics, National Research Council.
From page 90...
... Paper prepared by the MAF Requirements Process Action Team (July I, 1991~. Bureau of the Census, U.S.
From page 91...
... 1992 1992 1993 Innovations in the Decennial Census of Population and Housing: 1940 1990. Paper prepared for the Committee on National Statistics, Commission on Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education, National Research Council.
From page 92...
... McCarthy References 1989 The decade census program -- a new approach for meeting the nation's needs for sub-nadonal data. American Statistical Association Proceedings, Section on Social Statistics.
From page 93...
... 1993 Accuracy of He 1990 census and undercount adjustments. The Journal of the American Statistical Association 88~423~:1080-1091.
From page 94...
... 1992 Information from 1990 Census Telephone Questionnaire Assistance Records (D-399sJ. 1990 Decennial Census Preliminary Research and Evaluation Memorandum No.

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