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... CHAPTER 2 Description of the Project and Summary of Outcomes The Hoopstick Creek Bridge Replacement project was selected for this pilot project to test and provide useful feedback on the operation and utility of the web-based TCAPP resource. The focus was on assessing the tool's value in providing guidance to help project partners work collaboratively toward an environmental permitting decision.
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... change through the key decision points. The board also created a source of discussion among the SCDOT and agency partners about whether their roles followed the TCAPP guidance or would be different for this pilot project.
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... provide guidance and minimal feedback on information presented, but they cannot offer absolute or conclusive opinions on informal requests. The last, and possibly most important, outcome of the agency workshop was that the agencies were able to express the precise times when they felt their notification and involvement in the permitting process would be the most beneficial and appropriate.
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... Figure 2.1. ESO environmental process before TCAPP pilot project.
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... Figure 2.2. Improved ESO environmental process.
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... ENV-3: Approve Purpose and Need, Reach Consensus on Project Purpose The ENV-3 key decision was used to substantiate and identify any missing aspects of the project purpose and need. The SCDOT provided an overview of the existing bridge and roadway conditions.

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