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... Weaknesses • Attendance • Need to have a representative from each agency at meetings • Past comments not considered when presenting new projects • Delivery of project information • Receiving constructive feedback • Explanation of why options are not available or viable Strengths • Desire to develop a project that satisfies regulatory requirements • Opportunity for agencies to address information requirements before permit applications The questionnaire also revealed that half the respondents were not provided with sufficient information before the ACE meetings. Partner agencies also felt that information was not provided in a timely manner.
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... • Increased the spirit of camaraderie among decision makers and SCDOT representatives; • Increased understanding of the specific information required for permit submissions, a view of how the decision makers use the information to address concerns, and how decision makers determine/process a complete application; and • Allowed/encouraged decision makers to view the permitting process from the perspective of the agency representatives. CBC also provided suggestions for future SCDOT and agency collaboration, including the following: • The SCDOT should allow more time for review of permit applications from the approving agencies and submit applications further in advance of actual time required for approval.

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