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... Abbreviations ACE Agency Coordination Effort ADT average daily traffic CBC Comprehensive Business Consultants, LLC CHATS Charleston Area Transportation Study EA Environmental Assessment EIS environmental impact statement ENV environmental permitting/NEPA Decision Guide ESO Environmental Services Office FHWA Federal Highway Administration LEDPA Least Environmentally Damaging Practicable Alternative MPO metropolitan planning organization NEPA National Environmental Policy Act NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration OCRM Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management PAR Program Action Request SCDAH South Carolina Department of Archives and History SCDHEC South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control SCDNR South Carolina Department of Natural Resources SCDOT South Carolina Department of Transportation SHPO State Historic Preservation Office SHRP 2 Second Strategic Highway Research Program TCAPP Transportation for Communities -- Advancing Projects through Partnerships Tidewater Tidewater Environmental Services, Inc.
From page 53...
... APPENDIX A Survey Monkey Assessment Results Coordination and Communication 1) Does your agency encounter problems coordinating with the DOT during the environmental permitting/NEPA process?
From page 54...
... "Discussions and site visit addressing early (pre-permit application) agency coordination have been useful and could serve as an example for future projects." "Our communication was good before TCAPP and has remained that way." "The previous TCAPP meetings have helped identify areas where communication needs to be improved." 2)
From page 55...
... Delivery of project information Receiving constructive feedback Explanation of why options are not available or viable a. Strongest?
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... Process will only improve if all agencies, including FHWA, are involved. Agencies need more input prior to design.

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