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... 1 Meeting the challenge of developing fully qualified transit rail car maintenance technicians is the goal of TCRP Project E-07, "Establishing a National Transit Industry Rail Vehicle Technician Qualification Program: Building for Success." The best answer, fine-tuned by the research team for this project, is a new multipart, industrywide system of qualification. This system of qualification integrates a number of related elements: national training standards; a progressive classroom curriculum and introductory courseware; on-the-job learning modules; and an apprenticeship framework that combines well-designed sequences of learning, mentoring to support learners, and coordination of classroom and on-the-job learning.
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... 2respects, TCRP's Project E-07 on qualification of rail car technicians is breaking the trail for parallel efforts by existing industry partnerships with FTA for transit elevator-escalator technicians and signals technicians and future efforts for other occupations in the years to come. The foundation for this project's work is provided by the knowledgeable transit rail car subject matter experts (SMEs)
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... 3 Rail car technicians will move through a progression of classroom and hands-on learning, from basic fundamentals (the 100 level) through intermediate, occupation-specific skills (the 200 level)
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... 4and applications. That courseware has been validated against the national training standards and is available for sharing across the industry.
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... 5 A necessary component of the qualification system is grandparenting of incumbent technicians. As new requirements are established for new hires, it is important to the program's success that implementation of the new system not punish technicians already on the job.
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... 6opportunity for moving forward is to engage with individual agencies, or groups of agencies, that are ready to enhance the quality of their technicians' skills. The next chapter in developing a complete system of rail car training and apprenticeship will be the establishment of a transit rail car training consortium with a focus on training rail car training instructors and mentors to use the curriculum, classroom courseware, and on-the-job learning modules for effective qualification of the next generation of rail vehicle technicians.

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