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... 55 Moving Forward -- Implementing Systems of Qualification The completion of TCRP Project E-07 is not the end of, but rather an important milestone along, the transit industry's road to an effective system of qualification for rail vehicle maintenance technicians. This opportunity comes at a time of great need for skills development in the transit industry -- to backfill positions after pending retirements and to develop new positions with the continuing expansion of transit rail.
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... 56 consistent solutions for meeting transit's workforce challenge over the next decade and beyond. As more new technicians are hired and need to be trained, more transit systems should recognize the benefits of this systems-based solution.
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... 57 new national system of qualification was the most effective path they could follow. A handful of other transit systems are considering similar upgrades to their rail car training programs, utilizing the resources of the TCRP Project E-07 system and the new framework for apprenticeship.
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... 58 transportation operations. In addition, OEMs generally provide initial training when they deliver new equipment, but -- as shown in Chapter 4 -- OEMs such as rail car manufacturers are generally not training specialists, and most of the training they deliver is perceived to be only fair or poor in effectiveness by their transit customers.

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