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... 32 As discussed in chapter four, airport departments collect various types of data for each functional area, and the information is commonly stored and managed in separate systems, departmental files, or software programs. EXTERNAL REPORTING The study investigated whether airport staff or management provided safety-related data to outside entities, such as state organizations, research institutions, insurance agencies, or health and safety offices.
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... 33 to valuable safety information that might not otherwise be obtainable. This information is analyzed, and corrective action is developed, to help resolve safety issues and possibly eliminate deviations from the federal aviation regulations (FAR)
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... 34 of incidents, notably runway incursions, which involve the incorrect presence of an aircraft, vehicle, or person on a runway and certain airborne incidents, and does not include runway overruns, which occur when an aircraft veers off a runway or incidents in ramp areas, which can involve aircraft and airport vehicles" (GAO 2013)

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