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... 35 This chapter focuses on the questions relating to legal concerns associated with safety data storage and protection. Most, if not all, interviewees represented airport operations departments, and such representatives may have limited information about or participation in legal issues relating to SMS, including public information or sunshine law requests.
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... 36 What does this mean for U.S. airports that are seeking to implement safety reporting systems, and why should they care?
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... 37 Thus, although federal law protects safety data voluntarily provided to the FAA from disclosure under federal FOIA, there is no protection from disclosure of such data under many, if not most, state and local sunshine laws. It is also important to note that even safety data that are not subject to disclosure under FOIA have been found to be subject to discovery in litigation.
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... 38 laws. Airports thus lose the ability to protect such information from disclosure under state sunshine laws as soon as the airport collects such data.

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