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... 56 Primer -- information technologies and software system oPtions In today's technology world, several system architecture solutions are available to support data collection, management, and reporting, including stand-alone applications, client-server solutions, and webbased or hosted solutions and various combinations of the above. As with any comparative analysis, pros and cons exist with each system option.
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... 57 Pros and Cons: System and application upgrades and database migrations can occur at the system owner's discretion, not on an ASP schedule. As the system owner is in control of the upgrades you can cut ties with the software provider if you are unhappy with newer features, support, or service.
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... 58 referred to as an ASP and the pricing model is usually called Software as a Service (SaaS) and is paid for as a subscription.
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... 59 Data Integrity A centralized database is valuable for the entire organization delivered through the network, enabling the database to be used to identify, correct, and reduce repetitive or erroneous data throughout the network. Security, data protection, redundancy, and backups all assist to preserve data integrity and are either provided internally or paid for through an ASP.

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