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6 Special Needs and Concerns of Non-Doctorate-Granting and Less Recognized Institutions
Pages 100-105

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From page 100...
... at universities include keeping the faculty on the cutting edge of this fast-moving field, maintaining the vitality of curricula in a technologically sensitive area, and keeping course work exciting by enabling faculty to draw on state-of-the-art examples and exercises from their research domains. These benefits are at least as critical for the NPhD schools, with their greater emphasis on teaching, as for Ph.D.-granting institutions.
From page 101...
... A third aspect of the mission of NPhD schools that affects ECSE research concerns the ability to compete for grant funding. Both federal agencies and industry favor Ph.D.-granting institutions in re
From page 102...
... As noted, the quality of the educational offering is greatly enhanced. Industry should take note of the fact that its laudable policy of donating equipment for teaching at NPhD schools can probably be greatly leveraged by a modest additional offering of state-of-the-art equipment to the faculty for research.
From page 103...
... Similarly, hardware, software, and laboratory space are necessary to support experimental research. Although successful researchers can perhaps be expected eventually to provide for much of their own equipment and software needs, researchers at NPhD schools need seed funding to create laboratory facilities and sustained support for maintenance, staff, and so on.
From page 104...
... Because the tradition in ECSE is to share, it is not difficult to acquire access to artifacts; research software can be copied by using FTPs, and the remote log-in capabilities of the Internet can be used to obtain access to research hardware located off-site. Once remote capabilities are available, experiments in the proof-of-performance research style are possible.
From page 105...
... Thus, when evaluating a faculty member for promotion, senior faculty and administrators at NPhD schools, lacking decades of experience in assessing research and applying newly established policies, may be even more inclined to rely on raw "paper counts" than their peers at Ph.D.-granting institutions. This, of course, greatly jeopardizes ECSE faculty, who may have a modest publication list.

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