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... 87 ATIS Advanced traveler information system CAMPO Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Agency CAPI Computer-assisted personal interview CASI Computer-assisted self-interview CATI Computer-assisted telephone interview CMP Congestion management program DRCOG Denver Regional Council of Governments ETC Electronic toll collection GIS Geographical information system GPS Global Positioning System GSM Groupe Spécial Mobile HTS Household travel survey ISTDM Indiana State Transportation Demand Model LBS Location-based services LOS Level of service LSS Location sharing services MAC Media access control MCOG Mendocino Council of Governments MPO Metropolitan planning organization OD Origin–destination PND Personal navigation device POI Point of interest PR Prompted recall QS Quantified self RFID Radio frequency identification RP Revealed preference SP Stated preference TAZ Traffic analysis zone TDM Travel demand model TOS Terms of service VMS Variable message sign Abbreviations

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