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... Appendix A: Key Observations from Initial Interviews As part of the initial phase of this study, we interviewed a number of established NEPA practitioners from across the United States, including individuals from federal and state transportation agencies, public interest groups, and private consultants. Appendix A to this research is a list of the questions posed to each interviewee and a summary of their responses.
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... Another interviewee noted that projects that cause a good deal of impact or result in many relocations of people and businesses often create controversy. It should be remembered that some of the early Interstate Highway System construction projects literally moved thousands of people, especially in urban areas.
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... Resources Affected All of those interviewed noted that a key indicator of potential future controversy was the involvement of particularly sensitive resources or protected areas. Those mentioned repeatedly included areas protected by Section 4(f)
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... Engage Expert Legal and Technical Advisors Early On Several of the more successful state environmental officials noted that enlisting a team of experts to advise the state officials and those preparing the environmental documentation was very useful in both ensuring the completeness of the record and in anticipating issues during the early stages of the NEPA process. All emphasized that these experts should have considerable hands-on experience.
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... maintain a proper agency record. Thus, adequate training and oversight has to be a key part of the effort.

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