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... 3 Introduction 1.1 ACRP Problem Statement Energy demand projections continue to indicate growth well into the future, necessitating continued innovation and expanded capacity of our energy supply and distribution network. Efficiency improvements to electricity and transportation fuel systems will reduce the average amount of energy used per person, but aggregate energy consumption will maintain its rise over the long term due to continuous population growth and increased demand in the industrial and commercial sectors.1 Various energy technologies are already competing to meet this projected demand, including fossil fuels and renewable resources.
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... 4that "several data collections be conducted to enhance the knowledge base" for this topic, including "siting and planning guidance for each energy technology."7 Subject matter expert feedback for ACRP Synthesis 28 also indicated that the impact of energy technologies on or near airport properties could extend well beyond immediate airport environs. Therefore, with this report, the ACRP has commissioned a thorough evaluation of the safety effects that energy technologies may have on the air transportation system.
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... 5 the plant. Renewable energy generation facilities must be built in geographic areas with abundant sun or wind resources, often in remote areas, and electricity must then be distributed over long distances to population centers, necessitating new electricity transmission infrastructure.
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... 6airport managers and planners, as well as energy professionals. Chapter 4 is intended as a reference tool for project managers and stakeholders.

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