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... 28 C H A P T E R 5 Pandemics produce two operational burdens on local transportation organizations: widespread absenteeism across all sectors and infection prevention. Since both can have a substantial impact on the ability to provide services, transportation agencies must identify their essential functions and strategies for reallocating resources to maintain those essential functions if possible.
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... Providing Services During a Pandemic 29 Exhibit 21. Providing services during a pandemic checklist.
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... 30 A Guide for Public Transportation Pandemic Planning and Response This process is vital to being able to respond to long-term absenteeism in a strategic and organized fashion. Determining essential functions can be difficult because staff and others may incorrectly presume that any function that is not selected as essential is not important.
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... Providing Services During a Pandemic 31 Multiple options are available to transportation organizations to minimize the spread of disease to riders, surfaces, and transit workers. Transportation agencies should incorporate some or all of the actions above when consistent with the recommendations of their local public health department or OSHA and the CDC.

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