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... 3 Durability Issues Deterioration of building structures, in general, and of various building components such as windows or doors, in particular, is related to the durability and life expectancy of building materials and products. Durability is typically defined as the ability of a material, product, or building to maintain its intended function for its intended life expectancy with intended levels of maintenance under intended conditions of use (NAHB Research Center, Inc., 2002)
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... 4Delamination of doors Description: Delamination of doors was one of the main issues from the early years of sound insulation programs and continues to cause problems. Acoustical wood doors contain different layers of insulation material and veneer bonded together.
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... 5 Improper operation of hardware Description: Improper operation of hardware interfering with closure of doors and windows. Resolution: There have been numerous advancements in hardware technology, and manufacturers dealt with this issue on the spot or incorporated changes into their manufacturing process, quality control, and/or design to minimize problems related to hardware malfunction.
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... 61.3.1 Proper Design Proper design is the first step to ensuring that products perform to their potential. The following list indicates areas for special attention: • Specification of appropriate products.
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... 7 designed, and unique cases need to be reviewed so that necessary details can be created. • Manufacturer's limitation.
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... 8identifying deficiencies, proposing corrective actions, and maintaining complete documentation of the project. 1.3.6 Effective Maintenance A review and investigation of many projects to evaluate the effectiveness of sound insulation modifications in early programs suggest that proper maintenance is a key factor in sustaining the acoustical performance of sound insulation products.

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