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... 40 Maintenance A survey of early sound insulation programs indicated that maintenance was the main issue in the homes showing dete­ rioration in performance of the sound insulation products. This section discusses the proper maintenance procedures, commissioning, replacements, and warranties for sound insulation projects.
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... 41 commissioning requirements in the specifications to ensure that contractors are required to participate in the commission­ ing (Portland Energy Conservation, Inc., 2006)
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... 42 the locks, balances, and hinges not to work as intended, leaving cracks for sound leaks. • Sealants and caulks.
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... 43 responsible for any replacements needed due to aging and regular wear and tear. If replacement is due to a defective product or poor workmanship, the owners have the option to work with program sponsors, contractors, and the manu­ facturers depending on when the problem was detected.
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... 44 and track the types of warranty claims submitted. The track­ ing process can be useful for identifying potentially substan­ dard products or installation issues, which may need to be addressed by program staff on a larger scale.

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