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... 1The purpose of this guide is to provide traffic engineers, highway designers, transportation planners, and decision makers with a catalog of highway design treatments that can be used to reduce nonrecurrent congestion and improve the reliability of urban and rural freeways. Nonrecurrent congestion is congestion outside of what is normally expected during daily traffic peaks.
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... 2DESIGN GUIDE FOR ADDRESSING NONRECURRENT CONGESTION Ideally, the reader will gain a handful of treatments from Chapter 2 that will be investigated further as candidates for possible implementation. Chapter 3 of the guide catalogs the treatments and provides a range of information on each one, including the following: • Description and primary objective of the treatment • Typical applications of the treatment • Design criteria or guidelines, if available, in design manuals or from research • How the treatment can be used to address nonrecurrent congestion • Factors that affect the treatment's effectiveness • Cost considerations • Resources for additional information The reader may choose to browse through this catalog to learn more about several treatments or go directly to the descriptions of the treatments identified in Chapter 3 as potential candidates for implementation.

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