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... 1 Hazardous Materials Transportation Risk Assessment: State of the Practice This final report presents the process and findings of a project documenting the current state-of-the-practice for hazardous materials transportation risk assessment. The first phase of the project captured the status of the current practice of hazardous materials transportation risk assessment, including current uses, existing models, and available data sources.
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... 2Each model listed in the decision matrix has been presented in greater detail in a separate matrix. The individual model matrices characterize each risk assessment approach in terms of its uses, model elements, data requirements, outputs, strengths and weaknesses, availability, and potential barriers to its use.
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... 3 The primary model components, frequency, probability, threat, vulnerability, and consequence, were also discussed separately, highlighting the approaches used by the different models and stakeholders along with any relevant issues, such as sources, availability, and level of detail. A discussion of the approaches used for interpreting and applying the results included a discussion on the types of output from risk assessments and the treatment of uncertainty.

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