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... xiv An equally important component of an overall implementation strategy -- specification development -- is addressed in detail in Framework for Developing Performance Specifications: Guide for Specification Writers. Readers are encouraged to review that companion document for further information on how performance specifications can be developed and tailored to help achieve project goals.
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... 1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This volume, Strategies for Implementing Performance Specifi cations: Guide for Executives and Project Managers, provides a broad overview of the benefi ts and challenges associated with implementing performance specifi cations. The recommendations address the various cultural, organizational, and legal considerations that can affect the successful implementation of performance specifi cations.
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... 2STRATEGIES FOR IMPLEMENTING PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATIONS: GUIDE FOR EXECUTIVES AND PROJECT MANAGERS Performance specifications will not immediately emerge as a viable alternative to traditional method specifications. Agencies and industry may find it easier to manage the changes in business practices required for performance specifications in steps or increments.

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