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... USE OF MARKET RESEARCH PANELS IN TRANSIT Market research panels offer the potential of fast, inexpensive market research, but if not designed correctly, their benefits can come at the expense of quality results. This synthesis defines the various types of market research panels, identifies critical issues that a researcher needs to consider when engaging in market research and panel surveys, and provides examples of successful market research panel programs.
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... 2 Conventional surveys implicitly assume that respondents are selected through random sampling techniques and that survey results are representative of the population with a certain range of precision. Random digit-dial telephone sampling has been the go-to technique for more than 50 years.
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... 3 in focus-group style meetings, providing qualitative input on issues ranging from ticket vending machines to agency image and branding. The program is implemented completely in-house.
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... 4 accurately represents the population, the market research industry advises using online panel research only when the results are for testing ideas and concepts, not for precise estimates of the population. • Industry guidance -- Developing and implementing a panel research program to provide appropriate and reliable results requires a current and in-depth understanding of market research principles.

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