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... 32 C h a p t e r 5 Introduction A primary outcome of SHRP 2 C22 is the development of marketing principles, potential strategies, messages, and media that can be considered as a research foundation for strategic marketing of TCAPP to upper-level managers/decision makers within DOTs, transportation agencies, and environmental resource agencies. The objective of these principles and potential action items is to support agency leaders in championing cooperative approaches, changing institutional processes, and promoting interagency collaboration.
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... 33 up into significant management positions within these organizations. With this potential strategy, the concept of a collaborative approach is introduced at the training and university level.
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... 34 general meeting and the regional AASHTO meetings, where the CEO roundtables and chief engineers breakfast create captive audiences. Face-to-face communication could facilitate informative dialogue among DOT and MPO top leadership.
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... 35 Development of curricula and educational materials about TCAPP would encourage dissemination of this methodology to students. Similarly, training programs for professionals in the field, such as the National Highway Institute (NHI)
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... 36 To determine ways to reach top-level executives with this message, interviews included the following questions: • What is the best way to get your attention? What is your preferred communication method for industry news and information?

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