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... 5C h a p t e r 2 Shrp 2 Capacity program The SHRP 2 Capacity program is founded in the desire to deliver highway capacity projects faster and in a more environmentally beneficial way. Congress's charge to the SHRP 2 Capacity program was to "develop approaches and tools for systematically integrating environmental, economic, and community requirements into the analysis, planning, and design of new highway capacity" (2)
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... 6Refinements and changes have been made since this time in response to user feedback.) Collaboration Assessment The Collaboration Assessment portion of TCAPP helps to highlight specific ways in which collaboration can assist in scoping a plan or project, engaging stakeholders, and gaining consensus.
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... 7issues of concern. Does not need to agree to the decision for the process to move forward, but may have decisionmaking power in subsequent key decisions or phases; thus, agreement is preferable.
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... 8viable project for construction. The Practical Applications section provides information on how to use the Decision Guide to tackle relevant interest areas or challenges throughout these four stages.

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