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Evaluating Airfield Capacity (2012) / Chapter Skim
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... 1 Chapter 1 Introduction and Background 1 Introduction 2 Intended Audience 3 Overview of Airfield Capacity 5 Existing FAA Guidance 5 Existing Analytical and Computer Simulation Models 6 Need to Update Airfield Capacity Evaluation Methods and Guidance 9 Organization of the Guidebook 12 Chapter 2 Airfield Capacity Concepts 12 Airport Components 13 Airside Components Including Airfield Geometry 17 Airport and Airspace Operating Environment 21 Aircraft Fleet Mix and Performance Measures 22 Other Factors That Affect Airfield Capacity 31 Chapter 3 Existing Airfield Capacity Evaluation Tools 33 Level 1 -- Table Lookup 35 Level 2 -- Charts, Nomographs, and Spreadsheets 37 Level 3 -- Analytical Capacity Models 40 Level 4 -- Airfield Capacity Simulation Models 43 Level 5 -- Aircraft Delay Simulation Models 47 Chapter 4 New Airfield Capacity Evaluation Tools  and Guidance 47 Overview of New and Newly Available Models 47 New Prototype Airfield Capacity Spreadsheet Model (Levels 1, 2, and 3) 55 Newly Available Level 4 Model -- The MITRE runwaySimulator 62 New Guidance on Specialty Cases 69 Estimating Effects of NextGen on Airfield Capacity 71 Chapter 5 How to Select the Appropriate Airfield  Capacity Model 71 Decision Factors 78 Additional Considerations 81 High­Level Matrix for Preliminary Screening of Levels of Modeling Sophistication 81 Decision Hierarchy 81 Examples of Level of Modeling Sophistication Used in Airfield Capacity Case Studies 88 Chapter 6 Subsequent Uses of Airfield Capacity Estimates 88 Making Demand­Capacity Comparisons 91 Providing Data for Environmental Analyses 91 Informing Benefit­Cost Analysis C O N T E N T S
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... Note: Many of the photographs, figures, and tables in this report have been converted from color to grayscale for printing. The electronic version of the report (posted on the Web at

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