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... B-1 ACAT Acquisition Category ACRP Airport Cooperative Research Program ADA Americans with Disabilities Act AIP Airport Improvement Program APMS Advanced Parking Management System ATIS Advanced Traveler Information Systems BWI Baltimore/Washington International Airport C2C Center to Center C2F Center to Field CCTV Closed Circuit Television CFR Code of Federal Regulations COTS Commercial-off-the-Shelf DMS Dynamic Message Sign DSRC Dedicated Short-Range Communications FAA Federal Aviation Administration FAQ Frequently Asked Questions FHWA Federal Highway Administration GPS Global Positioning System GTFS General Transit Feed Service HAR Highway Advisory Radio IITAA Illinois Information Technology Accessibility Act IT Information Technology ITE Institute of Transportation Engineers ITS Intelligent Transportation Systems ITU International Telecommunications Union IVHS Intelligent Vehicle Highway System LCD Liquid Crystal Display LED Light Emitting Diode MDOT Mississippi Department of Transportation MOA Memorandum of Agreement MOU Memorandum of Understanding MPO Metropolitan Planning Organization MUFID Multi-user Flight Information Display NCHRP National Cooperative Highway Research Program NFC Near Field Communication NTCIP National Transportation Communications for ITS Protocol O&M Operations and Maintenance PFC Passenger Facility Charge A p p e n d i x B List of Acronyms
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... B-2 Guidebook for implementing intelligent Transportation Systems elements to improve Airport Traveler Access information RF Radio Frequency RITA Research and Innovative Technology Administration RSS Really Simple Syndication SMS Short Message Service STIP State Transportation Improvement Program TIP Transportation Improvement Program TMC Traffic Management Center TMDD Traffic Management Data Dictionary TSA Transportation Security Administration TTY Text Telephone USDOT United States Department of Transportation WSDOT Washington State Department of Transportation

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