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... In 2001, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) , an agency of the United Nations with international aviation oversight, adopted a new standard in Annexes 6 (Operation of Aircraft)
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... 2 FAA, as one of the 192 ICAO contracting states, indicates in the October 7, 2010, Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Safety Management Systems for Certificated Airports, that it "supports conformity of U.S. aviation safety regulations with ICAO standards and recommended practices and intends to meet the intent of the ICAO standard in a way that complements existing airport safety regulations in 14 CFR Part 139." This notice also states: "This action would require each certificate holder to establish a SMS for its entire airfield environment (including movement and non-movement areas)
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... 3 analysis to compare their existing Part 139 operations and the four SMS components. Airports used a variety of checklists and templates to determine program gaps.
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... 4 – Safety risk management is facilitated by the development of various topic-related safety risk assessments (SRAs)

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