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... 35 BACKGROUND FAA states in its NPRM, "Safety Assurance is a set of processes that monitor the organization's performance in meeting its current safety standards and objectives as well as contribute to continuous safety improvement." Safety assurance essentially serves as a checks-and-balances system to ensure that SMS processes and procedures and risk mitigation strategies are having their intended effect (FAA 2010)
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... 36 extension or expansion of the Part 139 program were asked to assess whether airports were considering or had modified the current inspection program to encompass a broader reach into the ramp areas and the terminal (baggage makeup areas specifically)
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... 37 part of their SMS they developed an evaluation or audit program. One of the deliverables in the SMS implementation study group was to conduct an program evaluation or audit.
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... 38 As part of the implementation study, some airports purchased or developed data or software systems. Although individual airport efforts varied, these systems were typically developed or purchased to track, monitor, and report on hazards, accidents, incidents, risk, mitigations, non-Part 139 inspections, and audits.
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... 39 ety of reasons, including consistent reporting and program management. Lesson Learned: Expansion of the SMS program to the terminal and landside operations might be considered in addition to the movement and nonmovement areas as the SMS program is being designed and developed.

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