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... 40 BACKGROUND The FAA states in its NPRM, Safety Promotion includes processes and procedures used to create an environment where safety objectives can be achieved. Safety promotion is essential to create an organization's positive safety culture.
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... 41 implementation study airports developed training programs or delivered training to staff. As presented in Figure 24, 15 airports trained staff in one or more courses or instructional programs, four airports indicated they have not trained staff yet, and seven responded they had no program in place yet.
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... 42 training) , and another four stated they would wait for the regulatory requirement before developing a SMS training program.
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... 43 FIGURE 26 Training challenges. FIGURE 27 Tenant training plans.
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... 44 Culture The two questions asked of airports do not provide a thorough assessment of airport approaches to safety culture; however, responses relating to cultural challenges indicate that airports were aware of and addressed cultural aspects of the SMS program and had developed strategies to increase or change safety culture awareness. Methods included faceto-face communication and training as means to engage staff and tenants in conversations relating to culture.

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