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... 59 This section provides an overview of each FAA SMS pilot study as issued by the FAA, including dates, duration, number of participants, FAA-defined objectives, scope of work, and key deliverables. This information can be found on the FAA's Airport SMS site at the following URL: airports/airport_safety/safety_management_systems/ FIRST SMS PILOT STUDY (STUDY 1)
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... 60 9) Description of the safety risk management process, including application of "The Five Phases of SRM," as discussed in the FAA Advisory Circular 150/520037, Introduction to Safety Management Systems for Airport Operators.
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... 61 plete this task, the airport will develop a core set of policy elements and develop a decision tree that allows for an airport to develop and refine its safety policy. Airports should also report on what policy or format works best in their operating environment and if they have made any changes to their SMS program to incorporate findings under this task.
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... 62 C Safety Assurance Task 1: Establish a foreign object debris (FOD)
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... 63 7. Implement a safety reporting and/or data collection system or applicable processes in conformance with the airport's SMS manual or other documentation developed for the airport under the first pilot studies.

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