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... 1 S u m m a r y This research project identifies good practices in safety, management, and communication that can help cargo tank truck fleet operators reduce the likelihood of rollovers. The research takes good practices from both within and outside the industry; they encompass training, hiring, dispatch (e.g., scheduling and journey planning)
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... 2Case Studies Research focuses on three critical practice areas that can be quickly implemented and would have long-lasting benefit to operators of various sizes across the industry. The overarching goal in the selection of areas for case studies is ensuring the applicability of the results -- selecting practices that are significant enough to improve cargo tank rollover performance yet simple enough that they can be readily adopted by a broad portion of the industry.
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... 3 address causes of distraction and fatigue, through education and driver scheduling. Sleep apnea has been identified as a significant cause of driver fatigue.
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... 4be obtained and that would ensure legal protection and confidentiality to those providing the data is likely the most effective solution to root cause identification. Many fleet operators have employed good practices that improve their safety and operating performance and reduce rollovers.

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