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... 22 Whereas the prior chapter looked at the tank truck industry within the U.S., this one looks at the industry outside the country to achieve cross fertilization. The objective was to identify other industry and international best practices that could be used to minimize or eliminate driver errors in the cargo tank truck industry.
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... 23 3. A full Class 4 license for 6 months (3 months for applicants 25 years or older)
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... 24 The pipeline industry had been on the National Transportation Safety Board's (NTSB's) "Most Wanted List" as needing to address fatigue of control room operators.
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... 25 a plan for effectively addressing these concerns. The resulting safety plan can then be reviewed by the construction team.
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... 26 provide consistency between drivers, and drivers are admonished to avoid distractions on the road. Beyond these policies and procedures is an organizational culture that motivates the employee to want to do the job properly rather than have to do it according to procedure.

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