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... 127 This glossary, which is alphabetical for each of the fi ve dimensions, provides defi nitions for factors that affect project complexity. Many of these defi nitions were adapted from other sources.
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... 128 GUIDE TO PROJECT MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES FOR COMPLEX PROJECTS land acquisition. Acquisitions may be hindered by the ability to acquire and the process of acquiring the portions of land necessary for the project.
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... 129 GLOSSARY BY DIMENSION utility coordination. All the services necessary that may need to be moved and coordinated (e.g., electricity, gas)
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... 130 GUIDE TO PROJECT MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES FOR COMPLEX PROJECTS carbon credit sales. The carbon stored by trees and plants has a market value calculated as credits that can be sold to help finance the project.
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... 131 GLOSSARY BY DIMENSION use of commodity-based hedging. The ability to lock in the material price at the earliest point when the required quantity is known.
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... 132 GUIDE TO PROJECT MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES FOR COMPLEX PROJECTS optimization impact on construction quality. Trade-off between cost, schedule, and quality (e.g., increasing quality requirements may increase costs)

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