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... 17 3. FRAMEWORK FOR ANALYSIS, AND SCOPE OF WORK Much research still needs to be conducted to fully understand the wider economic impacts of transit investments.
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... 18 occupancy of existing development without requiring additional construction of auto parking spaces. Distinguishing such different possible agglomeration economies is important, particularly if future development will not have the same characteristics as current development, or if a study area economy is significantly different from that to which estimates are to be applied.
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... 19 Accounting for endogeneity (the chicken-or-egg problem) The research needs to explore further the endogeneity of firm location with respect to agglomeration, and so far has done little on endogeneity of firm location with respect to transit infrastructure.
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... 20 distribution of economic activity. There is reason to believe that the economic impacts of transit investment may be the greatest for firms with walking access to stations, while possibly leading to reductions in economic output for firms farther away from transit.

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