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... B-1 63-20 financing: The issuance of tax-exempt bonds by nonprofit entities to finance tangible public assets pursuant to IRS revenue ruling 63-20 of 1963, typically under longterm leases. For example, the 63-20 financing structure has been used to build hospitals, toll roads/bridges, university buildings, city halls, water and sewage facilities, hotels, and convention centers.
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... B-2 Airport Privatization Pilot Program or APPP: A program under the category of long-term lease or sale called the Airport Privatization Pilot Program (49 U.S.C. Section 47134)
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... B-3 Cost Per Enplanement (CPE) : A standard metric in the United States to compare total airline payments (including landing fees and terminal rentals)
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... B-4 Fee Simple Ownership: The full purchase of land and improvements. Fixed Base Operator (FBO)
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... B-5 Non-aeronautical: Uses and services that are not related to the movement of aircraft, passengers, baggage, mail, and cargo. Nonprimary Airports: Airports with less than 10,000 annual passenger enplanements (boardings)
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... B-6 Tax-Exempt Debt: Instruments such as governmental bonds, private activity bonds, and other debt obligations, which are exempt from certain federal taxes and sometimes state taxes. Interest on "Private Activity Bonds" or "AMT Bonds," although generally excluded from taxable income of the holder, is an item of tax preference under the alternative minimum tax provisions of Section 142 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (as amended)

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