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From page 82...
... The aviation industry is a very dynamic industry where conditions can change dramatically in short periods of time, and it is challenging to stay on top of how the industry may change. The only certainty regarding the future of the aviation industry is that it will change and that change will most likely be relatively significant.
From page 83...
... Agreements are negotiated. Airport operators are motivated to limit their potential losses and maximize their operational flexibility in the event of airline bankruptcies, and airlines are motivated to preserve their ability to reorganize quickly and adapt their operations (and legal commitments)
From page 84...
... With greater frequency, airlines and airport operators are discussing the concept of consortiums at airports. The airport operator must consider the impacts to staffing at the airport; the perception of control over day-to-day operations at the airport; the organized labor contract(s)
From page 85...
... the FAA Revenue Use Policy. Direct subsidy payments to airlines are forbidden; however, limited waivers of airport fees may be allowed if they are as follows: • Temporary • Available to all qualifying airlines on a non-discriminatory basis • For "new airline service" • Not paid for (through offsetting increases in other fees)

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