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... As discussed in Chapter 1, the introduction to this User's Guide, the Collection was created with the dual objectives of ease of use and applicability to all potential users involved in airport construction projects, regardless of airport size or project scope. The steps set forth below for using the Collection should be followed to ensure effective and efficient use of the Collection.
From page 13...
... to implement and monitor sustainable construction practices at the airport. Los Angeles World Airports' Sustainable Airport Planning, Design and Construction Guidelines (Los Angeles World Airports 2009)
From page 14...
... included, the filter function can be obtained by first highlighting the five column headings and then selecting DATA → FILTER → AUTO FILTER from the main toolbar, as shown in Figure 3. Clicking on the AutoFilter arrow in a searchable column displays an alphabetical list of categories, subcategories, phases, or LEED® credits that are in that particular column.
From page 15...
... practices are no longer visible. Filtering does not alter the practices, sources, or Research Team Considerations in any way.
From page 16...
... The DATA → FILTER → SHOW ALL option is preferred if a user conducts a filtered search on multiple categories. For example, a user could perform a filtered search on practices that may improve health and safety that are implemented during construction.
From page 17...
... How to Use the Collection 17 From the view of only the main categories and headings (selecting box 1) , a user can view practices within a particular category and/or subcategory by selecting the "+" box located to the left of the heading of the category the user wishes to expand.

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