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... For ease of use, the Collection is presented in two formats: Construction Practice Category and Construction Implementation Stage Category. The user should select one format to initiate their search, as the same information is presented in both presentation formats.
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... 4.3 Additional Filterable Criteria Primarily designed to be used as a Microsoft Excel-based database, as explained further in Chapter 5, the Collection can be viewed, filtered, and organized to meet particular areas of interest using the "filter" function. In addition to being able to filter based on construction practice or construction implementation stage category, the database can be filtered by the subcategories shown on Table 1 and Table 2.
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... 1) Policies and Regulations 2)
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... 10 Sustainable Airport Construction Practices 1) Pre-Construction 2)
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... 4.4 Additional Nonfilterable Information Provided with each sustainable construction practice included in the Collection is information about the source of the sustainable construction practice, whether it be from a particular document included in the literature review or one of the interviews conducted as part of the research process. Some sustainable construction practices may appear in more than one document considered in the literature review; however, the source most frequently used by practitioners in the field was included in the Collection.

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