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... 6Summary of Tasks The research approach consisted of two distinct phases. Phase I consisted of a review of available literature and information available from transportation agencies, the definition of long-term performance and durability requirements, the identification of properties that influence long-term durability, the identification of test methods currently used to evaluate these properties (if available)
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... 7The durability of detectable warning systems is inextricably tied to the interaction between the system and the concrete sidewalk to which it is applied or anchored, the exposures and evaluation tests were conducted on detectable warning systems installed in concrete slabs to appropriately simulate the field response under the applied exposure conditions. The test protocol consists of exposing systems to specific physical and environmental regimes and evaluating responses to these regimes with a series of performance evaluation tests.
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... 8resented by four exposures and nine evaluation methods. Equipment to perform these methods was designed, built, and used to conduct these tests on samples representing the range of detectable warning systems that are currently commercially available.

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