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... Research Results Digest 335 Subject Areas: IIIC Maintenance Responsible Senior Program Officer: Amir N Hanna March 2009 PERFORMANCE MEASURES FOR SNOW AND ICE CONTROL OPERATIONS This digest summarizes the findings from NCHRP Project 6-17, "Performance Measures of Snow and Ice Control Operations." It was prepared by Amir N
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... information both to the public and policy makers. Winter maintenance of roadways is a core and critical business element of many state transportation agencies; measuring performance is essential for managing this critical business element.
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... 3winter maintenance operations (e.g., precipitation, temperature, wind speed, solar energy) , the inputs (e.g., labor, equipment, and materials)
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... 4categories, and 2 approaches were identified for each, as follows: • Degree of clear pavement as measured by manual observation or camera-assisted observation; • Traffic flow as measured by detectors of speed, volume and occupancy or by road closure; and • Crash risk as measured by friction (slipperiness) or reported crashes.
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... Transportation Research Board 500 Fifth Street, NW Washington, DC 20001 These digests are issued in order to increase awareness of research results emanating from projects in the Cooperative Research Programs (CRP)

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